Naqshbandia Sardaria The Silsila Of Hadhrat Abu Baqar Sidiq (ra)


سلسلہ عالیہ نقشبندیہ سرداریہ


اَلَاۤ اِنَّ اَوۡلِيَآءَ اللّٰهِ لَا خَوۡفٌ عَلَيۡهِمۡ وَلَا هُمۡ يَحۡزَنُوۡنَۖ ۚ‏ ﴿٦۲﴾ سن رکھو کہ جو خدا کے دوست ہیں ان کو نہ کچھ خوف ہوگا اور نہ وہ غمناک ہوں گے ﴿٦۲﴾                                                                                                                                 سلسلہ عالیہ نقشبندیہ سرداریہ                                                                                                            The Silsila Of Hadrat Abu Bakar Sidiq (RA)                                    اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمَّدٍ، كَمَا صَلَّيْتَ عَلَى آلِ إِبْرَاهِيمَ، إِنَّكَ حَمِيدٌ مَجِيدٌ، اللَّهُمَّ بَارِكْ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمَّدٍ، كَمَا بَارَكْتَ عَلَى آلِ إِبْرَاهِيمَ، إِنَّكَ حَمِيدٌ مَجِيد                 مبارک ھو مسلما نوں اس دور زلا لت میں ھوا اکمل ولی الله یک داھے دھر پیدا کیا جس نے بنظر کرم اپنے فیض باراں سے قلب کے باغ ویراں میں مہبت کا ثمر پیدا     شریعت مصطفے کو جس نے زندا کر کے دکھلایا           میرے حضر ت کو آکر گر عقید ت سے کوئ دیکھے تو اس کے د ل میں  ھو گا دل یقین جلوہ زکر پیدہ                                            اگر کوئ طا لب الله ھو میر ے پا س آے یک لخت اس کو الله والا بنا د و نگا

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About Us





Faqeer Muhammad Shafiq (Malaysia)

Mission & Team Of  Jamat Sardaria

Famous naqshabandi shaikh of  Panjab  Hadhrat Mohammad Sardar Ahmad  Mujaddidi Ghafari is much worrie for character of muslims and their awarness with Islam. In the result of his great thinking, struggle and councling with learned scholars of Islam "Jamaat Sardaria " came in the form of an orgnization.

Jamait Sardaria  is a world wide religious and reformative Muslim organization. It preaches Muslim brotherhood and helps its member to practise Islam in its true spirit through love and respect. Its main characteristics are to adopt Islamic way of life by establishing religious institutions, reformative centers and arranging gatherings for zikrullah, remembrance of Allah the almighty. Every individual member of Jamait Sardaria begins with himself or herself, his or her family members and neighbors.

Hadrat Sahib leading the jamat Sardaria it self and Team of Jamat doing the great mission Now many islamic schools are affiliated with jamaat and producing  scholars, huffaz e Quran and Imams in a large number.

Jamaat is actively involved in preaching and building the character of common muslims. Thousands of people have benefited and now spending their lives according to islamic teachings. Their lives have become samples of sunnah of The Holy Prophet Muhammad .



Shaikh Hazrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad has devoted himself completely to the sacred cause of propagation of Islam after the death of his Shaikh Hadrat Abdul Ghafar ra  (Peer Mitha Sain). He is always busy in preaching and propagating Islam. And Team Of jamat Sardaria also..


About Us

Naqshbandia Sardaria was founded in East Asia in 1958 and named after our Master Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Naqshbandi.

Naqshbandia Sardari is one of the world's leading
schools in Sufism and has several hundred thousand disciples all over the world.

Due to technological advances in the past few decades a greater number of disciples have joined from countries outside the Asia continent.

We pride ourselves on providing an unprescedented level of help & support to our students who are on their path towards friendship with Allah (swt).

Training of long distance disciples is done through a combination of e-mail/phone communications, training videos/audios/manuals, worksheets and various other audio/visual presentations.

Our efforts are ongoing and we always seek new innovative ways to help communicate our teachings


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